POS Lessons from Superbowl XLVII


Always have a backup plan. You are the Beyonce of your own store. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice point of sale functionality because the power goes out. Choose a point of sale system that gives you offline functionality, and you can keep selling, no matter what happens. (and whistle ‘Single Ladies’ while you work).

Protect your assets. You may not have a foul-mouthed quarterback, but you do have a whole store to keep safe on the cloud. Your POS should have optimal data security, so no one throws a hail mary with your store data. Pose never stores sensitive customer credit card information, so your customers are protected.

Know your audience. You may not be related, but you can know your customers as well as family (like brothers). When you are well acquainted with your customers, you can sell to them better. Although there may not be a game on the line, there are hearts to win everyday. Cater to your customer preferences and shopping behavior with a easy to use CRM and personalized customer loyalty programs.

Is the cookie or cream better? Give them all of the enjoyable parts of shopping, without the hassle of poorly functioning point of sale systems. Your register should be a catalyst to sell, not an impediment to checking out. Get the POS that is easy to use, intuitive and inspires sweetness among your customers.

Be the leader of your team. Motivate your team to find new ways to sell, and better ways to engage with your customers. You can lead by example by asking the right questions, knowing your inventory and providing incentives for your customers and staff alike. Employ a point of sale system that provides you easy access to your sales reports, allows you to manage your employees, and track sales remotely.

Pose may have not won the Superbowl, but we do know how to craft a winning retail strategy. Get all it all and take advantage of a 30-day free trial to sell better and execute your game plan. Happy selling!