Web-Based POS Releases Customer-Oriented Features

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 27, 2013 – Pose just released a major update to their web-based point of sale system, adding various customer oriented features. After raising a second round of funding, Pose has moved beyond beta, catering to the small retailer market.


“We developed this version of Pose to focus on the needs of the retailer,” according to Pose CEO, Guy Marcus. “Retailers need customer-facing features that increase retention and and customer satisfaction.”

In addition to their current functionality, Pose has added customer loyalty programs for their growing list of retailers. Pose users can now offer their customers birthday rewards, punchcards and loyalty discounts. The best part is that customers never need to remember to bring a plastic or paper card to redeem anything.

“It’s like the George Costanza wallet syndrome,” said Marcus. “Customers hate carrying around loyalty cards, so we decided to automatically store their loyalty rewards within the system to take undue burden off of both the customer and the retailer.”

As the POS revolution rages on, retailers are exploring new checkout solutions that utilize customer data to properly tailor their selling strategy and offerings. Pose’s new update takes customer data into account, providing additional fields to add customer data, such as social media accounts. All data can be easily sorted and exported to track sales trends and connect with customers after the sale.

With 2013 being named the ‘Year of the Customer,’ many retailers are focused on increasing customer retention efforts. Regardless of the industry, research has shown that return customers are the best customers. From jewelry stores and kiosks to office supplies and boutiques, Pose’s new version is offering a variety of retailers the opportunity to better connect with and reward their best customers.

“We believe that giving our retailers insight into their customer base is the key to having a successful business,” according to Marcus. “Knowing your customers and creating the incentive to buy is key.”

About Pose:

Pose is a affordable, web-based point of sale that combines an easy-to-use interface with customer-oriented features to simplify the checkout process and increase customer retention. For more information, or to try Pose for free, visit: