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Video Tutorial: Reports & Data for your Small Business

This tutorial shows you how to use the Pose web-based Point of Sale to print out reports and data that you need to develop and build your small business and save your time. We make your end of day or in fact, anytime of day, just so much better.

  1. Let’s talk about the X Report: At anytime, any day – you can get an instant shot of your cash drawer. The tutorial will show you how.
  2. The Z Report – The report that wraps up your day of sales in one click. We automatically email it when you close up the register and your day is done. It makes the end of your day so much brighter. Watch the video to see how to change your end of small business day. And there is an archive too!
  3. Outstanding sales reports at a glance – what every small retailer needs to thrive and survive today. Select by day, week, month or year you can immediately pull up your numbers: net sales, est. gross profit, payment types and transaction totals. And you can see those numbers no matter where you are – the joy of a cloud based POS.
  4. There is more than that – the tutorial will show you how to view the graphs of sales and even number of units returned. There are also tables with units sold and product type, as well as all receipts issued which can be downloaded in an instant.
  5. This is a tutorial that may just change your life – prepare yourself. Sales reports and drilling enable you to understand, lead and develop your business